sizing for competitions

Sizing for competitions

  1. open photoshop or elements
  2. bring up image for sizing
  3. go to image > image size
  4. in the pixel dimension change the size for landscape to max width 1600 pixels or in portrait format max height 1200 pixels. when sized click o.k.
  5. for landscape make height 1200 pixels for portrait where height is 1200 pixels make width 1600 pixels.
  6. if however your image will take it select crop tool and in dimensions on top bar put 1600px >1200px and resolution to your choice and crop.  only use this if the picture will take a crop and not spoil it.

Stroke border

If you think a white stroke border will improve your image do the following before resizing.

  1. open image in photoshop.or elements
  2. ctrl a which puts marching ants round the image.
  3. edit > stroke > 2 pixels (you can put any size stroke if you want to).
  4. make sure the stroke colour is white.  this is easiest by having your  default colours black & white with white as the foreground colour
  5. click o.k.
  6. then resize as above.