L&CPU and other affiliations

Morecambe Camera Club

is affiliated to the

Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU)

which, is a member of the

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain(PAGB)

which, is a member of the

Federation Internationale de I’Art Photographique (FIAP).



The L&CPU is one of fifteen member groups of the PAGB.

It organises local events, competitions and folios etc., as well as partaking in the PAGB functions.

Further details and activities can be found below and on :- www.lcpu.org


The PAGB promotes and co-ordinates the interests of all member federations with their

member clubs and societies in all matters of common interest and to co-ordinate with

national and international photographic bodies. This includes such things as a PAGB Handbook,

provision of Judges & Lecturers, Recorded Lecture service, Leaflets, Newsletter, Patronage,

Exhibitions & Competitions, Awards and Insurance.

The Awards for Photographic Merit are open to all members and include:-

Credit (CPAGB), Distinction (DPAGB) and Master (MPAGB).

Further details and activities of the PAGB can be found below  and on:-


 The PAGB also continues to maintain close links with the Royal Photographic Society.

Details and activities of the RPS can be found on:-  www.rps.org


The FIAP promotes co-operation between national photographic associations around the world.

Details and activities of the FIAP can be found on:- www.fiap.net