Competition 2 results

Many thanks to Simon Ray, who judged and critiqued our images.
Song Titles

In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King 1st – Rhys James


Poker Face 2nd – Ellen Bell


Time Warp 3rd T– Graham Dean


The Man in the Mirror HC – Janet Taylor
I Drove All Night HC – Rhys James
You Raise Me Up Comm.– Beth Robertson
Marvin Gaye – Wherever I Lay My Hat Comm. – Richard Moriarty
Shrimp Boats by Joe Stafford Comm– Fernley Stribling
Message in a Bottle Comm.– Linda KnapperNature


Gannet with foliage 1st – John Hughes

Guillimot – John Hughes

House Sparrow 3rd- Janet Taylor


Camouflaged Serval Cat HC – Peter Bagnall
Sea eagle  HC – John HughesOpen

Flying Cutters 1st – Steve Bird


Matilda 2nd – Rhys James



Live by the Sword 3rd – Ellen Bell


Tools Make Light Work of DIY HC – Ellen Bell
Blue Gin BottlesHC – Steve Bird
High flyer Comm.- John Hughes
Can’t Put a Good Book Down Comm. – Beth Robertson

Nov 25th  – practical evening – taking close ups
Bring cameras, tripods and any accesories that you may have for taking close ups (one of the themes for a future competition). Also bring along objects which you think may be interesting to photograph. I’ll bring along some close up attachemenst for phone cameras and some objects to photograph.

Future Monthly competition themes
M3 – 9th December (entries in by 28th Nov) – 7 Deadly Sins
M4 – 13th Jan (entries in by 2nd Jan) – Patterns
M5 – 10th Feb (entries in by 30th Jan) – Close up

It would be great if those who haven’t yet paid subscriptions could do so as soon as possible (among other things, this will enable us to book the meeting room for the remainder of the season). For those who wish to pay by cash or cheque, please bring to a meeting (if Phil isn’t ther, we’ll make sure it’s passed on). Bank transfer details have been sent via email. It would help Phil if you email him to let him know you’ve paid