Monthly competition 2 -18th November

Many thanks to those who joined in last Thursday evening talking about images that they admire – it proved a very interesting meeting and illustrated the variety of members’ interests.

Nov 18th – Monthly Competition.
Simon Ray will be judging our entries this month – set subject ‘Song Titles’ There will be a raffle, so please bring pennies and/or prizes!

Nov 25th (provisional) – practical evening – taking close ups
Bring cameras, tripods and any accesories that you may have for taking close ups (one of the themes for a future competition.
Future Monthly competition themes
M3 – 9th December (entries in by 28th Nov) – 7 Deadly Sins
M4 – 13th Jan (entries in by 2nd Jan) – Patterns
M5 – 10th Feb (entries in by 30th Jan) – Close up

It would be great if those who haven’t yet paid subscriptions could do so as soon as possible (among other things, this will enable us to book the meeting room for the remainder of the season). For those who wish to pay by cash or cheque, please bring to a meeting (if Phil isn’t ther, we’ll make sure it’s passed on) Bank details have been sent ia email for those who wish to transfer 😀