Monthly competition 4 results 😊

Congratulations to all the winners of competition 4, was a tough job for James Hardy our excellent judge as all the images were fantastic. Below are the ones who just had the edge: set subject-book titles 1st ‘The Invisible Man’ by Janet Taylor, 2nd ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes, Thomas Hardy’ by Janet Taylor, 3rd ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Steve Bird. Highly commended was Pet Semetary by Ellen Bell. And commended were Ghosts by the Sea-Graham Dean; Our Man in Havana by Mags Carr and Between us and the Moon by Fernley Stribling.

The Invisible Man by Janet Taylor
A Pair of Blue Eyes, Thomas Hardy by Janet Taylor
A Clockwork Orange by Steve Bird

Winners of the nature section were: 1st Wren Reflection by Janet Taylor, 2nd meadow brown butterfly by Ellen Bell and 3rd Maasai Giraffes by Peter Bagnall. Highly commended were Lioness Resting by Peter Bagnall and Robin on Stump by Joe Greenhaugh. Commended were Black Bellied Bustard Courting Display by Peter Bagnall, Pheasant with attitude by Joe Greenhaugh and Roufus Tailed Weaver Feeds chick by Peter Bagnall.

Wren Reflection by Janet Taylor
Meadow brown butterfly by Ellen Bell
Maasai Giraffes by Peter Bagnall

The winners of the Open section are: 1st ‘There’s no business like show business’ by Janet Taylor. 2nd Baby it’s cold outside by Ellen Bell and joint 3rd ‘Take a bite’ and ‘Emily’ both by Beth Robertson. Highly commended were ‘No Access’ by Graham Dean and Before COVID by Rhys James. commended were He’s Behind You by Fernley Stribling, On the Rocks -Half Moon Bay by Graham Dean and Old Stone Coffins by Kevin Dawson. Well done everyone 😄

Theres no business like show business by Janet Taylor
Baby it’s cold outside by Ellen Bell
Take a bite by Beth Robertson
Emily by Beth Robertson