Competition 3 Results

Congratulations to all the winners of competition 3, and a big thank you to Will Stead for his constructive and valuable feedback. The results are as follows;


  1. Contemplating the past – Mags Carr
  2. Autumnal Reader – Beth Robertson
  3. Nuts – Steve Bird

Fabulous Flour Power – Janet Taylor
Venus and Cupid Sculpture – Morecambe – Fernley Stribling
Jail Cell Joker – Ellen Bell
E for education – Linda Knapper

Contemplating the Past – Mags Carr


  1. Wasp Returning to Nest With Prey – Ellen Bell
  2. Rhino – up close and personal – Janet Taylor
  3. Robin – Ellen Bell

European Bee Eater pair- Peter Bagnall
Robin – Mags Carr
Red Admiral on Verbena flower – David Dempster

Wasp returning to Nest With Prey – Ellen Bell

Set Subject – leading Lines

  1. Winter Woodland Trail – Janet Taylor
  2. London Underground – Ellen Bell
  3. Lines Leading Where – Graham Dean

Next stop Heaven – Kevin Dawson
Font in Kirkwall Cathedral – Joe Greenhough
Multi-coloured spiral – Janet Taylor
Coniston Dwellings – Fernley Stribling

Winter Wonderland Trail – Janet Taylor