The Art of Macro Photography by Tony North. 5th November 2020

We are excited to announce that Tony North is coming to speak at the club this week on ‘The Art of Macro Photography’. Guests welcome for a small fee of £3. Please message for more details. The information below is copied from Tony’s website: The topics covered are:
1. A brief introduction to me, my background and experience, and why I chose to focus on macro
2. The distinction between story and beauty in art as well as in nature photography (i.e. narrative vs. pictorial qualities of images).
3. My interest in competitive photography – the various types of contests suitable for macro, and some of my successful images (see the AWARDS page for examples).
4. How to create beautiful macro photos. This is the main substance of the talk, and it covers 7 challenges in macro and how to overcome them. As I see it, these challenges are:
i. Finding and getting close to the subject
ii. Depth of field
iii. Camera movement
iv. Subject movement
v. Shutter speed/light
vi. Composition/bokeh
vii. Post processing