Thursday 20th Sept

Unfortunately the weather is again not looking promising for astrophotography, with expected cloud cover of 100% 🌫 tomorrow evening. Therefore, we will have the workshop in the George at Torrisholme from 7.30pm as originally planned. We will look at some basic photoshop editing and Photoshop techniques including light blending (Dodge & Burn etc).

Bring an image (or two) that you would like to edit, maybe there is something on it you would love to know how to fix, or you are thinking of using it in a competition and want peoples’ opinion on how to edit it to maximise it’s potential etc etc.

Bring laptops if you have them, or images on a pen drive/SD card.

Everyone welcome, including any new members or anyone thinking of joining. As usual all our summer stuff is completely free (though we do ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the room).

Hope to see you tomorrow 😊