Morecambe Camera Club



(Revised following the April 2010 AGM)

1. Name of Society

The Society shall be called 'Morecambe Camera Club'

2. Objectives

To further Photographic Art and Digital Imaging Techniques among members and

the pubic, by the exchange of ideas and mutual assistance, as well as the

organising and holding of lectures, discussions, competitions, demonstrations, and


3. Committee/Officers

 The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee made up from

nominated members, elected annually by ballot at the AGM. It shall consist

of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary,

Competition Secretary, L&CPU Liaison Officer and Publicity Officer.

 The Chairman or Vice Chairman shall preside at meetings and committees.

 If necessary, the Chairperson may have a casting vote (but may not make

up a quorum).

 The Committee (a minimum of four needed to form a quorum) shall have the

authorisation to fill any vacancies that may occur in the Committee

throughout the season, or to co-opt additional members should the need


4. Membership

 Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, race or religion, subject

to the conditions outlined below.

 Potential new members shall be allowed to attend three meetings to decide

whether or not they wish to join. They shall then be asked to complete a

Membership Form and pay the appropriate membership subscription before

attending further meetings.

 Members and visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied at all

meetings and other events by a parent or guardian, or an adult with the

specific agreement of the parent/guardian, who shall be responsible for their

safety at all times.

 The Committee reserves the right (based upon a two-thirds majority) to

withdraw a member’s membership should that person’s actions or behaviour

bring the name of the Society into disrepute.

 Life membership may be granted to a member who has made an

outstanding contribution to the Society over the years, subject to approval at

an AGM.

 Visitors: Members are at liberty to introduce visitors to any of the general

meetings of the club, but the Committee shall have the authority to refuse

admission or limit the number of such visitors.

5. Annual General Meetings/Special General Meetings

Annual General Meetings

 An AGM shall be held at the end of the spring session, with a quorum of twelve

members plus four Committee members.

 Items on the Agenda shall include:

 Minutes of the last AGM (which shall be read out) and matters arising

 A Treasurer’s Report, including the audited accounts for the year

 Other Officers’ Reports

 Elections of Officers, and Auditor

 Any other Business

 Any resolution to change the Society Rules shall be included in the AGM

Agenda. Such resolutions should be given to the Secretary, in writing, signed

by the proposer and a seconder, in time for circulation to the membership at

least two weeks prior to the AGM.

Special General Meetings

 A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time (within the Society

season) by the Committee or at the request of at least eight members, to

discuss any resolutions to change the Society Rules, or for the discussion of

any urgent matters that need resolving.

 Such a request, stating the nature of the business, and signed by the required

number of members, shall be given, in writing, to the Secretary, who shall call

an SGM within thirty days, with at least fourteen days notice.

 In this case a quorum shall be one-fifth of the paid-up membership at the date

of the meeting.

 No business shall be discussed at such meetings other than that stated on the

notice calling for the meeting.

6. Finance


 Funds shall be used solely for furthering the objectives of the Society, as

defined by or sanctioned by the Committee. No accumulated funds shall be

paid as dividends, gifts, divisions or bonuses unto or between any of the

Society members.

 No members shall be allowed to use the Society for commercial purposes.


 The annual subscription for the following year shall be reviewed and fixed at

the AGM, and shall become due at the start of the next Society year.

 New members joining during the year can be charged at pro-rata rate, at the

discretion of the Treasurer.

 On payment of the subscription, the Treasurer shall issue a receipt, and the

Secretary shall provide a Syllabus and a copy of the Society Rules.


 All withdrawals of monies from the Building Society shall bear the signature

of the Treasurer and one of the two other Officials appointed by the


 Any reasonable expenses incurred shall be borne by the Society, and the

Treasurer shall be responsible for the administration of such, as well as the

transfer of any income into the Society’s Building Society account.

 Larger capital expenditure, for such things as new and/or replacement

equipment, shall first be approved by the Committee.


 The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by one auditor, who

shall be selected from members of the Society at the AGM. A copy of the

audited balance sheet, made up to the Society’s year-end, shall be made

available for members, and distributed for discussion at the AGM.

7. Dissolution of Society

 The Society can only be wound up at an AGM or SGM if two-thirds of the

members present vote in favour of a winding up motion.

 The Committee shall decide the disposal of any assets remaining after the

satisfaction of all debts and liabilities of the Society. Such assets shall not

be distributed among members, but shall be given or transferred to such

other charitable institutions having objectives similar to or the same as the

objective of the Society. Failing this, the assets shall be sold and the

proceeds given to a registered charity or charities as decided by the


8. Byelaws


 Members shall conform to any rules or regulations of any premises the

Committee has hired on behalf of the Society and for the purpose of holding

any official functions.

Membership of the Society:

 Membership of the Society implies agreement to all the Society Rules and

any additional rules duly enacted, and to any liabilities incurred by the

Committee as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objectives of

the Society.

 In the case of any matters that is not provided for in these rules/objectives,

or there are any doubts or disagreements as to the rules/objectives

interpretation, the decision of the Committee shall prevail.

 No member shall be absolved of any allegation on not having received a

copy of these Rules.


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