Morecambe Camera Club

Competition Guidelines & Rules

(Revised following the March 2016 AGM)

The full rules of all competitions are set out below – but here is a quick summary for the monthly competitions:

Entries should be:

·         Jpg files sized exactly 1400 x 1050 pixels in sRGB colour space at maximum quality

·         File names should be the image title (this will be displayed on the screen during the competition – please check spellings)

·         Sent by email to (entries will be accepted on memory sticks handed in on the nights indicated in the programme – email entries have additional time (until midnight on the Sunday following entry date shown in programme). All email entries received will be acknowledged.

The maximum number of entries in any month is 4 images, with a maximum of 2 in any section. An entry form is available – but not essential. If emailing entries, indicate which image is to go in which section in the body of the email. If entering on memory stick, please put images in appropriate folders.

Don’t forget to include an additional image in month 1 for the Accumulator Competition. This image will be given a score by each of the monthly competition judges and the results announced near the end of the season.

It will be assumed that all entries can be displayed on the club website unless you inform the Competition Secretary at the start of the season (or in an email if there are just specific image(s) that you don’t wish to be included.

 Don’t be put off by the long list of rules on the following pages! The main objectives of any camera club are to help members both improve and enjoy their photography. Competitions can help to further both of these. If you’re not sure about any of the above – please see the Competition Secretary or any of the more long standing members. We will only be too pleased to help.


General Rules


·              There’s no time limit on submissions, although more recent work is to be encouraged.

·              The maximum number of submissions for Competitions shall be decided each year, based upon anticipated numbers of entries/participants. These limits will be confirmed at the start of the season, but may be revised by the Competition Secretary, as and when deemed necessary, depending upon the actual numbers submitted. ( 2015/16 maximum numbers are listed towards the end of this document )

·              No entries can be submitted for the Annual Competitions unless the author has already entered into at least two of the respective Monthly Competitions. (Exceptions will be made for new members who have joined part way through the season.)

·              Entries must be submitted by the dates specified in the programme.  Late entries will not be accepted.

·              Images should be submitted on a Pen Drive clearly marked with the author’s name, or (preferably) by email to .

·              Nature images may not be entered into the Monthly Open competitions, but they may be entered into the Set Subject competitions if appropriate for the topic.

·              Restrictions on Resubmissions

o   No Image having been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Monthly Competition shall be eligible for entry into any future Monthly Competition.  They will however still be eligible for entry into a future Annual Competition. Unplaced Images (or close variations) should not be entered more than twice in Monthly Competitions.

o   No image having been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Annual Competition shall be eligible for entry into any further Competition except for in the “Members Folios”

o   No image is eligible for entry into more than one Annual Competition, except for automatic entry into the relevant Portraiture, Best Colour and Best Mono.  Image of the Year Competitions.

·              Image Format: (excluding the “One Print Competitions”) In Order to facilitate digital projection on the presentation night, all entries should be submitted in “Digital Image” format.  The file to be JPEG and sRGB, with Max. Quality (12). The file dimensions should be exactly 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high (The resolution is unimportant, for projection purposes). If the actual image is less than maximum in any direction, the unused area should be filled with black.    Any incorrectly sized images submitted will be withdrawn.


Specific Rules:

·              Monthly Digital Image Competitions

4 of these comprise of Open, Set subject and Nature and 1 is three set subjects - the set subjects are listed in the programme.


·              Annual Digital Image Competitions

o   Accumulator Competition -  A single image which is entered with the first monthly competition images, and will go to each monthly judge to be scored from 0 to 10 . The highest score from the accumulated marks wins. Note this image can also be entered in monthly competitions.

o   Nature  (may be colour or mono) – Trophy

o   Best Monochrome Image (may be any subject but will be judged on pictorial merit and not eligible for other section trophies)– “Hardy Cup” 

o   Portraiture (Mono. or Colour Images - Animal portraits are not eligible for this award)  - Boardman Cup”

o   Table Top Image (Mono or Colour) – “J.L. Alderson Cup”.

o   Best in show - The winning image from each section in the Annuals to go forward to be judges as “Best in Show”.


·              Other Competitions

o   Panel of Four Colour Images “Continental Car Trophy” – on a common theme. A summary image showing all four originals should also be provided.

o   Colour Digital Image Folio – for Image with highest total mark. For this competition there is no restriction on the images’ previous competition use, or placing. Authors are required to submit entries on a Pen Drive in required format.  A master disc, containing all these entries, will then be produced by the co-ordinator and distributed to just the participants, for commenting on and marking each image out of ten (with the exception of their own).  This will take place over a four week period.  The individual marks for each image will then be added together to establish the winner.

o   Monochrome Digital Image Folio – as for above “Colour Folio”

o   One Colour Print Competition - excludes Nature. Each author may submit a previously unshown print which must have been taken within the last 12 months.  The print size must be A4. All members present on the night will be eligible for judging all the prints (except their own), and allocating 1st , 2nd and 3rd  places.

o   One Monochrome Print Competition – as for the above “One coloured Print” competition.

o   One Nature Print – as for the above “One Coloured Print” competition.

The above three “One Print Competitions” will be run on the same evening.

o   Photographer of the Year Award - awarded for maximum cumulative points from all Monthly and Annual competitions, excluding the following – Folio Comp, Colour & Mono, 1 Colour Print, 1 Mono Print, 1 Nature

NB: Points awarded for Monthly Competitions, and relevant Annual Competitions contributing towards the “Photographer of the Year” will be as follows:

1st, 2nd and 3rd places to be allocated 5, 4 and 3 points respectively. If desired, the judge may also award up to 2 ‘Highly Commended’ and any number of ‘Commended’ in each category, which will be allocated 2 points and 1 point respectively.


2016/2017 Maximum Limits for Competition Submissions


·              Monthly Image Competitions:-    Only 4 images allowed in total with a maximum of 2 images in any section (you may enter 2 images in each of 2 categories or 2  and 1 and 1 to enter all the categories).

·              Annual Image Competitions:-

o     Table Top – Max. 2 images

o     Portraiture – Max. entries 2 images

o     Nature– Max. 2 Images

o     Monochrome Images – Max. 2 images

o     Colour Digital Image– Max. entry 2  images

·              Other Competitions

o     Colour Image Folio – Max. 3 images

o     Mono. Image Folio – Max. 2 images

o     One Colour Print – 1 print

o     One Monochrome Print – 1 print

o     One Nature Print – 1 print



A portrait may consist of a photograph of an individual, or a group of individuals, for the purpose of reproducing characteristic likeness.

NB Animal portraits may not be entered into the “Boardman Cup”.


Nature   (Ref: 2009 L&CPU definition)

Nature photography depicts flora and fauna which means living, untamed organisms and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, as well as geology, weather and the wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs, provided they are titled to show their significance in the natural world. It does not include domesticated creatures or cultivated plants although

Zoo shots are allowed. Minimal evidence of humans is acceptable, where this shows the way that animals/birds etc. are adapting to the built environment, such as barn owls or storks.

Titles must be specific and correct, with either scientific or common names used.

Any manipulation of the image must be limited to minor retouching of blemishes, exposure and sharpening, and must not materially alter the original image.

Table Top

The Book “Your A to Z Guide to Colour Photography” by E. Bomback: Fountain Press 1961 defines Table Top as  “An artistic branch of photography which makes use of small models, dolls, glass figures, and objects, all of which can be arranged on the top of a table to give pictorial impressions of an amusing or appealing nature”. However the principal ingredient is a vivid imagination.



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