Morecambe Camera Club

is affiliated to the

Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU)

which, is a member of the

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain(PAGB)

which, is a member of the

Federation Internationale de I'Art Photographique(FIAP).



The L&CPU is one of fifteen member groups of the PAGB.

It organises local events, competitions and folios etc., as well as partaking in the PAGB functions.

Further details and activities can be found below and on :-


The PAGB promotes and co-ordinates the interests of all member federations with their

member clubs and societies in all matters of common interest and to co-ordinate with

national and international photographic bodies. This includes such things as a PAGB Handbook,

provision of Judges & Lecturers, Recorded Lecture service, Leaflets, Newsletter, Patronage,

Exhibitions & Competitions, Awards and Insurance.

The Awards for Photographic Merit are open to all members and include:-

Credit (CPAGB), Distinction (DPAGB) and Master (MPAGB).

Further details and activities of the PAGB can be found below  and on:-

 The PAGB also continues to maintain close links with the Royal Photographic Society.

Details and activities of the RPS can be found on:-


The FIAP promotes co-operation between national photographic associations around the world.

Details and activities of the FIAP can be found on:-


L&CPU - Some activities and resources.

 1. Annual Digital Projected Image (DPI) Competitions

 As the rules and format of these Competitions vary from year to year,

the Club’s “L&CPU Liaison Officer” will inform members of the up-to-date rules,

at the start of the Club season.


All images should be coordinated / submitted to the L&CPU via the Liaison Officer.


They should be in jpeg format, sRGB,

sized at: 1400pixels wide  X  1050pixels high, with any unused space around smaller images filled with black or grey.

(nb as image dpi doesn’t matter, for projection purposes, 72dpi is recommended, in order to keep the file size down!)



The main Annual L&CPU DPI Competitions are now:-


a)    Annual Individual Members Comp. (in February)

Consisting of three categories, namely: General Monochrome, General Colour and Nature.

Members may enter up to 4 images in any one or more categories.

b)    Annual Clubs Comp. (in May)

Consisting of the same 3 Categories as above.

The Club selects an entry of 8 images for each Category, from those provided by members.

There must be at least 5 members contributing to each Category, with no more than 2 images from any one member in each.

c)    Annual Inter-Club Knockout Comp. (in November)

Entry to consist of 8 images, with no more than 2 from any one author

d)  Annual A/V Comp.


2. L&CPU Folios.

Appropriate Prints and Projected Images are retained by the L&CPU to make up the various folios

of about 50 images. These are circulated to member clubs that want them, for integration into their programmes.

For convenience there is also a low resolution digital image version of the Folio images circulated on CD.


PAGB - Some Activities and Resources.

1. PAGB Inter-federation Competitions.

Some of the best Prints  and Digital Images are selected from the L&CPU Annual Competitions to go forward

to these Annual Competitions. There is also a National biennial Audio-Visual competition.

2. Awards for Photographic Merit.

Individual Awards for Photographic Merit. Credit - (CPAGB), Distinction - (DPAGB) and Master - (MPAGB).

These can be obtained where the work submitted for adjudication is judged to be equivalent to

'Good club photography', 'Open exhibition standard' and 'International exhibition standard' respectively.

These should be checked out on the PAGB website. The adjudication panel consists of three

judges who assign between 2 and 6 points for each print/image.

 The number of submissions (not mixed types) and the pass marks are as follows.

CPAGB: 10 images - 200 points out of possible 360. 

DPAGB: 15 images - 300 points, possible 540.

MPAGB: 20 images - 450 points, possible 720 points.

There is an entry fee for submissions.

L&CPU page author and contact: Fernley Stribling, CPAGB, email -

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