Equipment Demo Thursday 21st October

At this week’s meeting, Phil will demonstrate some of the equipment which was purchased with our grant from the Post Code Lottery. Members may have the opportunity to try out some of this, so you are invited to bring along cameras and laptops. The equipment includes studio flash, backgrounds and a screen calibration spyder. For those unable to join us in person the meeting will be streamed via Zoom and recording available to watch via catch up 😊 Please see email for Zoom link. As always everyone welcome!

Other upcoming events include:
28th October
Our first onthly competition of the season will be spot judged by Graham Currey.
You may send up to 4 images spread in any way between the 3 sections (Open, Nature & Set Subject – Rust). images should be no wider that 1600 pixels and no taller that 1200 pixels, with the title of the image as the file name (new members, don’t worry if you’re not sure how to send your image in this way – just send your image and let Graham know the title and in which section the image should be entered). If anyone has problems sending their images by email, then use a free online file transfer service such as Images should be sent to to arrive by the end of the day on Wednesday 27th October.
Accumulator Competition – members may enter a single image for this competition. It will be scored by the different judges of the monthly competition over the season, with results announced in April or May. The image should be sent along with entries for the first monthly competition. It can be one of the entries for the monthly or a different image.
If you have any questions about the competitions – please don’t hesitate to ask – either in person on Thursday or via email.

Photoshoot at Stables near Lancaster
We have been invited to photograph at the stables where Lesa keeps her horses on Saturday 30th October at 10.30am. Those who would like to take Lesa up on this offer should contact Ellen. 

Subjects for future monthly competitions
Close up, Song Titles, Patterns & Seven Deadly Sins are the themes for future monthly competitions (not neccessarily in that order). Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday 😊