Sunderland Point

 Tonight (Thursday 27th May) we have our first summer outdoor meeting ar Sunderland Point. The weather forecast is looking ok 🤞
Meet by the toilet block at the far end of the causeway at 7:30 pm. The causeway should be clear until about 11:30 pm – so more than enough time for us.


We’ll make our way from the car park to Old Hall. At that point we may separate, with those who have stout footwear and are happy to walk round the point on the rocky shoreline continuing, while others return to The Lane. We’ll probably all meet up at Sambo’s Grave and the Horizon Line Chamber.

It would be great if we knew who was intending to come along – se if you are coming, please email (preferably before 6pm.

Please can anyone who won trophies last year bring them back tonight, so they can be engraved ready for their new owners 😀 🏆Thanks, see you all tonight 😀