M4 Winners

Here are the winners from Thursday night’s M4. The set subjects were Humour, Open and Nature.Humour:
1st- Wise Man – Mags Carr
2nd – When Leapfrog Goes Wrong- Janet Taylor
3rd- It’s Not a Trumpet Charlie – Sophie Wooff
Highly Commended- Charlie’s Flower- Sophie Wooff
Highly Commended- Leapfrog Beat Hip Hop Band- Kevin Dawson
Commended- Viking Warrior With 20th Century Helmet- Graham Dean
Commended- Another Fine Mess- Graham Dean
Commended- Eric and MeOpen:
1st- Glencoe Reflections- Sophie Wooff
2nd- The Seductress- Janet Taylor
3rd- Rob’s Office- Mags Carr
Highly Commmended- Did You Say Sausages? – Beth Robertson
Highly Commended- Vintage Swing- Mags Carr
Commended- Kilchurn on Loch Awe- Sophie Wooff
Commended- Lay Among the Flowers – Beth RobertsonNature:
1st- Praying Mantis- Janet Taylor
2nd- Kingfisher Feeding- Mags Carr
3rd- It’s Mine! – Ellen Bell
Highly Commended- European Roller Preening- Peter Bagnall
Highly Commended- Yellow Burmese Python- Steve Bird
Commended- Tiger Longing (Heliconius Heckle)- Linda Knapper
Commended – Tarantula- Steve BirdWell done everybody! πŸ“ΈπŸ˜

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