M1 Results

On Thursday Evening, we hosted our first monthly competition of the season. The set subjects were Derelict/abandoned, nature and open.

Here are the results from all categories:


1st: Abandoned Citroen – Mags Carr

2nd: Abandoned Cottage – Mags Carr

3rd: On The Beach- Connell

Highly Commended: The Seagull #1- Steve Bird

Commended: Abandoned Colliery- Graham Dean


1st: Got a Light- Chris Hellier

2nd: If Only I Could Touch- Ellen Bell

3rd: Looking for Clues – Ellen Bell

Highly Commended: Tea Picker – Mags Carr

Highly Commended: Stevie- Chris Hellier

Commended: Blackpool Pier- Phil Bell

Commended: Junior Moto Crosser- John Hughes

Commended: Unbreakable Bond- Janet Taylor


1st: Little Owl- Peter Bagnall

2nd: Goldfinch- Peter Bagnall

3rd: Grey Dagger Caterpillar- Ellen Bell

Highly Commended: Painted Lady Butterfly – Chris Hellier

Highly Commended: Robin in the Rain- Janet Taylor

Commended: Snake- Phil Bell

Well done to all of our members who took part! 📸

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